Your new source of quality candidates

Talent Pooling App is a service that combines a job posting portal with the quality of a recruitment agency’s services. Your ad goes to recruiters who are in your industry, to which they recommend candidates from their network of contacts.






The best candidates come from referrals

With the Talent Pooling App, you’ll gain a new source of valuable candidates matched through an algorithm that connects candidates sourced from the databases of experienced recruiters with job offers based on their profile data, which is overseen by the candidate’s recruiter-mentor. As a result, you hire faster, cheaper and without spam.

Matching candidates

The application’s algorithm checks the recommendations for a match to the offer


High responsiveness

Candidates interested in your offer, no applications sent “blindly”


Discover the power of the recruiter base


On the day the announcement is published, more than 300 recruiters with their own network of candidates find out about it.


By combining recruiters’ recommendations with a screening algorithm, you get only matched candidates.


Not only do you save time searching for candidates, but you also get the quality of a recruitment agency’s service at half the cost.


Simple rules,
quick result

The cost of the ad is net PLN 1500. We apply discounts for the purchase of larger quantities. If you hire a candidate using our application, you pay a success fee to the recruiter of 3 to 5 thousand. PLN net.

Publication of announcements

You send us a job description, and we take care of the rest.

Matching candidates

The application algorithm reaches recruiters with the best candidates.


Once you decide to hire, we will handle the compensation settlement for the recruiter who recommended the candidate.

Is it worth it?

The Talent Pooling App comes from the best experience of the team behind the day-to-day recruitment agency Talent Place, a forerunner of recruitment based on the crowdstaffing model.

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Talent Pooling

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