UNIQA Case Study

IT Architect – in 7 days, 3 recommendations, 1 PERFECT MATCH meaning employment

UNIQA, known for its high-quality customer service and wide range of insurance products, is an international company headquartered in Austria and operating in 15 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. It has been present in Poland since 1997, offering its services to both individuals and companies. Being one of the leading players in the insurance market, UNIQA Poland employs more than 2,000 people.

Industry: Insurance

Challenge: Challenging recruitment for an ArchitectIT position that was crucial to the development of the internal IT department.

UNIQA Poland faced the challenge of finding the perfect candidate for the position of IT Architect. The client’s HR team was encountering difficulties in finding the right candidate through standard recruitment methods, which prompted the company to look for more effective solutions, opting to advertise on the Talent Pooling App.

Perfect Match in recruitment

With access to a database of more than 300 recruiters and a two-stage verification process, UNIQA Poland received ideal candidates in no time.


AI matches candidates by relevant keywords and tags.


Recruiter verifies and decides whether to recommend candidate to client


The Talent Pooling App has proven to be an indispensable tool in recruiting for a key position. Thanks to the use of AI and the involvement of experienced recruiters, UNIQA Poland instantly found the ideal candidate for the position of IT Architect, which translated into the development of the client’s entire IT department and increased competitiveness.


Selected candidate from referrals from recruiters.


Eliminate inefficiencies in the recruitment process.


Reducing the cost of the recruitment process.


The client received the first recommendation after 2 days. In less than a week, 3 referred candidates.


In less than 7 days, 3 recommendations were obtained, including a hired candidate for the sought-after position.

Angelika Lipowska

Recruitment and Employer Image Expert

Uniqa Poland


“Thanks to the announcement in Talent Pooling APP, we were able to focus on our main business goals knowing that the recruitment of a key employee would go quickly, efficiently and professionally.”


Talent Pooling App is not just a recruitment tool, but an investment in your company’s potential employees. By automating the recruitment process, you attract the best talent, save time and optimize costs, building a strong team and making your company more competitive.


Are you looking for candidates?
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Talent Pooling App is a service between a job posting portal and a recruitment agency. You get access to both active and passive candidates from the databases of recruiters who operate in your industry.

The cost of placing one offer in the application is only PLN 1000 net. In addition, when you hire the selected candidate, you pay Success Fee amounting to the cost of one salary of the hired employee.